Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Derby and Momentum

The Derby and Momentum

I grew up in Louisville, Kentucky.
Having only visited on occasion since I left for college in 1982
I never took notice of the many majestic hills.

I had the chance to visit the ole' stomping grounds last weekend for the Kentucky Derby: the most exciting two minutes in sport.

While visiting I ventured out with my wife, an excellent runner,
and my sister, a triatlete that has twice competed in the Hawaiian Ironman.

Each morning prior to the day's activities  
We took off with no direction or milege in mind.
Quickly, I realized that walking in my childhood home town
has its ups and downs, literally.

During the 45 minute excursions I found myself acutely aware of any horizontal plane. 
The only consistent flat surfaces I spied

was the water at the lake, and my sister's flat-feet as
she pointed out specific landmarks and historical homes.

15 minutes into our journeys, I looked forward to every downhill.
Each one giving me a little extra push as I encountered the next uphill.
I liken that feeling to the way a 18-wheeler must feel
traveling through Colorado or parts of Tennessee.
Speed ever increasing on the downhill, and maintaining
that speed partway up the next hill.

It's called momentum.
I think life is like that.
The more momentum one builds, the farther you'll go.
And the easier it will be when the uphills come along.

I ask you, are you climbing that next uphill
from a dead standstill?
Or are you building momentum?

Take Care,
Coach Curley

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