Saturday, June 8, 2013

Do they Matter?

I pose this query not because I’m concerned about the way a table is set
or how a fork is held, though that is part of having good manners;
I believe manners are an attitude – an approach to life.

I was witness to an unpleasant episode over the weekend.
Occurring at a local restaurant,
the incident was between a middle-aged man and college-age waitress.
Poor language, negative air and hostile decibels.
Not privy to all the dialogue I still perceived the ordeal as manner-less and needless.

Manners distinguish you for better or for worse.
Manners are how we pilot ourselves.
Are we graciousness,
courteous, civil.
I consider this the hallmark of a refined and good person.
Not just for the appearances of what it is
But really the attitude of being well-mannered.

Just recently I came upon the motto:
“Ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen”.
Do you happen to know whose motto that is?
The Ritz-Carlton.
Simply put this is an attitude of the heart.
Its being considerate of the welfare and well-being of others.
Pretty important in my line of work…

Lately, I’ve been pondering both my language and demeanor.
Our present culture is so accustomed to using and hearing profanity
that we've lost our sense of what is truly profane.
Merriam-Websters online defines profane as: to treat (something sacred) with abuse, irreverence, or contempt.Ouch!

Admittedly, I'm no puritan.
And when I'm honest with myself, I don't like it when I do it.
Cussing is typically lazy and dumbed-down language.
It tears me down and, worse, brings others with me.

Yes, both my manner and manners matter.
I'm working to be the best Mike I can be.
Will you join me in cleaning up your language?
When you do, you're also becoming a better leader of your life by becoming a lady or a gentleman.

Take Care,