Thursday, January 24, 2013

Getting Old?

Getting Old?

I laugh every time I watch the new +AT&T commercials.
The premise: 'Its not complicated.'
You know the one’s, “What’s better, a small treehouse or a big treehouse?”
“What’s better, faster or slower?”.
How can we make Grandma faster?  “+Tape a cheetah to her back!
In spite of the laughter I have to ask, is there more to life than 
Faster!  Bigger!  Newer!?
It truly amazes me how much we’ve come
to embrace these three adjectives.

And I guess that’s all right depending on your perspective of life,
and your life goals.

"Faster" is good if you’re trying to win a race,
"Bigger" might be good if you're a growing nine year old boy,
not a growing 48 year old man!
And "Newer" definitely is better if the diaper you put on your two year old
was put on after breakfast,
and you're now beginning to smell something quite peculiar
while sitting on the couch watching the 7:00 pm +SportsCenter.

My point is when it comes to life,
I’ve begun to enjoy a different set of adjectives.

One in particular is "slower".
I find that I tend to gravitate toward the center,
or even the right lanes, on the interstate now.

And when it comes down to dinners,
which used to be a contest to see who could finish first;
are viewed as precious quality time and might last close to an hour.
Maybe 90 minutes on the weekend.

I MUST be getting old,
because for me, there’s more to life
than increasing its speed.

How about you?

Take Care,
+Coach Curley

"Tape a cheetah to her back" video...

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

MLK Leadership in Action

Leadership in Action

The great ones get it.

I know it because I’ve witnessed it - first hand.
Not often, but enough to recognize it when it’s there.

Contrary to some belief,
I believe good coaches and leaders are made,
Not born.

They read;
they study;
they practice.

They listen;
they plan;
they respond.

They hire the right people;
they train them;
they coach them.

And all that, leads to a great “sine qua non”. (better look it up)

Quality leaders and coaches do all that, too.
But there’s one thing that separates the good ones from the great ones.

The great ones care about their people.

And as a result…
The warriors care about their Chief.
The metaphoric soldiers show that they care by delivering
what they need to deliver so everyone wins.

It’s a leadership lesson you must see to believe.
Do you care?  Do you care enough?

Take Care,
+Coach Curley