Sunday, April 28, 2013



"It" means living life with passion and zeal.
From what I understand the word
originated from the Greek adjective "enthous,"
which means, "possessed or inspired by God.

"It" was evident the weekend of April 26-28th.

570 athletes visited our pool.
I saw "it" in their eyes.

We had 60 or more volunteers:  Officials, Timers, Computer Operators. 
I observed "it"  for hours on end.

And we had 6 coaches bust their tails preparing,
conducting, and tiding up afterward.
I both witnessed and participated in “it”.

The weekend wasn't easy, but nothing worth doing ever is.

I truly believe “it” is one of the most
powerful engines of success.
And I trust close to 1000 lives are better
from what occurred this past weekend.

Relationships were forged,
Lessons were learned,
Teams were built,
all stemming from the spirit of “it”.

As Emerson once wrote ”nothing great was ever
achieved without enthusiasm."

“It”/Enthusiasm equals greatness.

Take Care and Thanks,

Saturday, April 13, 2013

As Free as the Air

The best things in life are free.
 Ever remember saying that?

And it’s still true:
 A walk in the park -
as long as it’s not a Disney Park!
A good book on loan from the library -
as long as you return it on time.

And of course AIR.

Wait a moment!
Not entirely true.
Especially if you want to put some of that air in your car tires!

The other day I noticed my 17 year old's "ride" had a tire
that looked a little low.
Deciding to do him a favor, I took the second set of keys for the old 
1990 Ford Ranger
and drove up to the corner.

Did you know: It’s now a dollar a pop!  For Air!

Even more, if you haven’t taken off all the little valve caps,
tested to determine which tires need air, exactly how much,
and put on your running shoes before you drop your coins in.

Dale Earnhardt, Jr’s pit crew can do it in the allotted time.
The rest of us - well, 6-8 quarters ought to do it.

Air’s still free - sort of.

Are you taking anything - or anyone - for granted?

Take Care,

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Glove Box or Glove Compartment?

Glove Box or Glove Compartment?

I believe every car has one:
that little compartment on the front passenger’s side of the dashboard.

By name alone, I trust it’s designed to store gloves.
Driving gloves.
Winter gloves, especially lately here in Florida.
Baseball gloves.
(No, not really.)

The other day, stuck at a railroad crossing,
I decided to clean out my glove compartment.
Here’s what I found:

The car owner’s manual and service record, a couple old google maps, three or four receipts, a pencil, a pen, a month-old-Sunday church bulletin, a cell phone owner’s manual (I don’t even have the phone anymore), and a plastic something or other that I can’t even identify.

Here’s what I did not find:  Gloves!

Until very recently, I used the word “floppy” to describe
that device on which you store computer data.
After being somewhat chastised by my 13 year old son...
and following my 8 minute wait at the railroad crossing,
It appeared to me that I needed to update my lingo… computer and otherwise.

First update:  call the compartment located in my car by its correct name:
a “Stuff Place.”

Got to keep up with the times!
How about you?
Got any “stuff places” that need renaming?

Take Care,
Coach Curley