Saturday, April 6, 2013

Glove Box or Glove Compartment?

Glove Box or Glove Compartment?

I believe every car has one:
that little compartment on the front passenger’s side of the dashboard.

By name alone, I trust it’s designed to store gloves.
Driving gloves.
Winter gloves, especially lately here in Florida.
Baseball gloves.
(No, not really.)

The other day, stuck at a railroad crossing,
I decided to clean out my glove compartment.
Here’s what I found:

The car owner’s manual and service record, a couple old google maps, three or four receipts, a pencil, a pen, a month-old-Sunday church bulletin, a cell phone owner’s manual (I don’t even have the phone anymore), and a plastic something or other that I can’t even identify.

Here’s what I did not find:  Gloves!

Until very recently, I used the word “floppy” to describe
that device on which you store computer data.
After being somewhat chastised by my 13 year old son...
and following my 8 minute wait at the railroad crossing,
It appeared to me that I needed to update my lingo… computer and otherwise.

First update:  call the compartment located in my car by its correct name:
a “Stuff Place.”

Got to keep up with the times!
How about you?
Got any “stuff places” that need renaming?

Take Care,
Coach Curley


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