Friday, May 24, 2013

Eagles and Graduation

Eagles and Graduation:
A Tribute to our Seniors and Their Parents

I found out an very interesting fact about America's bird.
The fact pertains to how eagle mothers build their nests.

Eagles and nests... 'what's up?' you might ask.
With graduation fast approaching, bear with me.

Those who have studied the eagle found that
the "expecting" mother eagle begins building her nest
with all kinds of prickly and sharp things:
Jagged sticks, and other sharp objects.
These pointed and prickly objects are laid down first.

Next, the mother eagle fills this foreboding place
with the softest things she can find.  
Articles like wool, Feathers, and fur from her kills.

This changes the nest into a place that is not only desirable,
but also inviting.
Here the babies grow in a very comfortable environment.

At the proper time, the mother reverses the process.
She begins to stir up the nest exposing the sharp items
with which the nest began.

She throws the wool, feathers and fur to the wind.
Thereby making the nest not so friendly a place to be.  

After a short period of time, the babies,
now mature enough to leave,
cannot stand the discomfort of the nest any longer-
Simply wanting to be anywhere else.

This is the mother's way of forcing her babies to maturity.
She knows that if they do not get out on their own,
experiencing life, and learning to feed and care for themselves,
they will have no future.

With this thought I sympathize, empathize and admire
the parents of this year's seniors.
May our babies sore to their highest potential.

Congrats Seniors and Take Care,

Coach Curley


G o for it.
R each for the stars.
A ccept compliments.
D are all your dreams.
U ncover new talents.
A nticipate great things.
T ake chances along the way.
I magine the possibilities.
O pen new doors.
N ever stop believing.

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